The best ways to Dry Flowers and Herbs


Flowers are so lovely and we all wish they could last permanently! My Mom understood this and early in my married life, she gave me several great books on flower drying that have held me in excellent stead since.


Here are some methods you can keep and protect your special flowers


Air Dry: This technique permits the flowers to dry naturally, but they do lose some color and shape. This technique has actually been around since the Middle Ages! Tie flowers in bunches and hang flowers upside down and let them dry for about a week. If you are drying a whole lot, make a dust bonnet from a piece of paper and wrap it like a cone around the stems (with the huge end of the cone pointing to the flowers). Visit this site for more info .


When dry, these flowers should be sprayed with shatter-proof spray which stops the flowers from degenerating. You can find these sprays at craft stores. Be aware this technique does not work for easily ruined flowers, such as pussy-willows, etc. This method is the preferred one for herbs.


Pushing: Flowers can be pressed in between sheets of paper and left for about a week. The most effective approach is to use a wood flower press.Microwave: There are numerous excellent books and they document the kinds of flowers and the drying times and chosen techniques for each.


Silica Gel: In the early 1600's, fresh flowers were dried in between layers of sand. The sand approach is still utilized today; a more successful approach is to use silica gel. There are numerous methods to use silica gel, which is a preserving and drying medium. Silica gel is a granular drug that closely appears like sugar. Each grain of silica gel can absorb approximately 40 % of its own weight in wetness, and is perfect for drying flowers because the little granules can easily permeate even the most delicate flower heads. It can be discovered at your craft store, drugstores, floral shops, hardware store, or if you get fortunate like me, stalk your regional thrift store or recycling. Individuals get all excited about craft concepts and tasks then discard them when they don't have time and things begin to get cluttered.


If you are preparing on doing a lot of flowers, say your whole wedding event celebration's bouquets, you ought to invest in the bigger container. The container ought to be a bit bigger than the flower you prepare to dry. This is the favored technique needs to you want to keep many of the shape and color of your flowers.


Soon you will be preserving all the beautiful flowers you couldn't bear to throw out!